RISC (The Recovery Industry Support Charity)

As most people know RISC (The Recovery Industry Support Charity) is a registered charity and its job is to provide immediate financial assistance to those in the industry who find themselves in financial difficulty as a result of a work-related accident. Of course as RISC Trustee Andy Lambert points out there has to be some caveats to this and they simply are – The person being helped must work for a company operating within the British Isles and that company will normally be certified to PAS43 standard.

Now the key point about this is ‘Working For’, there have been several incidents where RISC Trustees have found out after the event that the person effected did not seek help, because they thought RISC was there for the company. It is not! RISC is there for everyone, be it Governor, Technician, Driver or Controller. Another key point is ‘Immediate’ unlike those Benevolent charities associated with the industry, RISC is there to act in a ‘first aid’ capacity, allowing the other charities to look after the longer term needs of people where appropriate. Even if you know that it was not your fault and there will be a successful insurance claim, this can take weeks and there is no reason for you to suffer further by worrying about how you and the family will survive till then.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to ask RISC for help this can be done through the IVR, or direct through the RISC website.

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