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Rigloo inflatable refuge safety solution


Rigloo is a reusable; inflatable refuge conveniently packed away in a small rucksack with its own battery air pump. Easily inflated within 90 seconds to provide shelter and a place to muster the family. A visible safe place to wait for the emergency services arrival.

Creates a calming environment in an otherwise unforgiving stressful situation


On average there are around 800 fatalities or serious injuries on UK motorway hard shoulders each year. The Governments advice is to leave the vehicle and move to a safe place behind the barrier or at the top of the verge. No mention of adverse weather condition options.

Rigloo maintains body heat as it is a fully sealed unit which make it ideal if you take a tumble on a hillside and have to wait for assistance from a SAR team.
Our new EMS model is ideal for protecting a patient’s dignity during first responder assessment and provides a protective bubble, shielding unwanted attention from passers by and creating an instant field care triage space.

Our Rigloo comes in a convenient and easily stored rucksack. After use, the Rigloo can be rolled up and placed back in the bag.
At 400mm x 300mm x 200mm it is easily stored in the boot of your car or vehicle.

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